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Teacher Duties at School Enabling Effective Student Learning

Teacher duties at school
(Source: DFE)

A career teaching, or just a few years is not for everyone. Classroom teacher duties at school are a full or part time challenging role with a lot of learning and preparation outside of classroom contact time. A number of people realise or are told during initial teacher training than they are not suitable for the teaching profession.


Classroom teacher duties at school

You are not just teaching, think about parent contact, paperwork, marking, cover lessons, keeping up with your subject and changes in the curriculum every 2-3 years.

Choosing a teaching career can be rewarding during training and as a fully qualified teacher at a school. There are a number of ways to enter the teaching profession from work based experience & assessment and through the postgraduate teacher training route for people with an undergraduate degree, such as primary or secondary PGCE.


Nursery School Jobs in the UK

 Nursery School Jobs, Nursery Teacher Jobs, Early Years Nursery Jobs

Teachers who work in nursery school jobs provide learning to children before attending primary school at 5 years. Pre school jobs as a nursery nurse or teacher from 2-5 years olds help to develop a child’s speech, reading skills and confidence in an early year’s school normally for a few hours per day.

A qualified nursery school teachers job is to work with nursery assistants, nurses, and the nursery manager to deliver learning to a group of children. Accepting nursery teaching jobs as a qualified nursery teacher at an early learning school, you are expected to plan, deliver imaginative lessons and adapt plans for effective lessons to mix groups of nursery school children.


Primary School Jobs as a Teacher and Support Positions

Primary School Jobs and Primary School Teaching Jobs UK & AbroadA young person’s place of learning provides educators primary school jobs and support educational job roles. Elementary schools in the state and private sector provide education that is delivered around a national curriculum. Primary school teacher jobs are the most important roles within a school along with primary teaching assistant positions where educators deliver learning & development for children from 4 to 12 years old in the UK and worldwide.

Pupils start school in primary one to primary seven and England & Wales has years one to year seven, incorporating key stage 1 & 2, in the foundation, infant, and junior stages. In the primary independent private sector, a fee paying primary school is known as a preparatory school where fees are payable, child selection admission testing and attendance can be until 13 years old. (more…)

Independent School Jobs UK and Abroad

Independent School Jobs Abroad, Private School Boarding Schools UKThere are around 2000 independent school jobs UK locations in Scotland, Wales & England for teachers and other education support positions should you be looking for private school jobs. An independent fee paying school is also known as a boarding school in the UK and around the world.

Differing in size, you can apply for independent preparatory school jobs located in cities, towns, villages and rural locations. Schools choose to offer girl, boy or a mixed school culture where you can be employed as a teacher, house parent teaching assistant or a sports coach.

Private education schools can be found in the majority of countries abroad where qualified teachers can find independent and boarding school jobs to teach many different subjects.


Successful Role as a Teaching Mentor

A successful role as a teaching mentor is a very important in the induction process of newly appointed personnel, teachers from within a school, university or organisation who are taking on a new role. The name of the teacher and the period for a mentor to work with someone should be agreed when the person is appointed a mentor.

A successful teaching mentor is able to form a friendly, supportive and professional relationship. (more…)

Marking Students Work

It is important to use common standards of measuring students’ performance while marking students work for progress as they move through the school.

Where possible, students work should be benchmarked against national or international data as an indication of the school’s relative performance and a consistent marking policy helps. (more…)

Recruitment Agency Supply Teaching

The choice of teaching supply can be an advantage for some or a disadvantage for other teachers. Recruitment agency supply teaching has a place in today’s schools to cover a teacher that is not in the classroom.  A three-way partnership between a school, teacher and the supply teaching agency supply teaching is a short term gap to fill a post due to a teacher’s absence. (more…)

Classroom Display Boards Ideas

A school environment, and in particular, classroom display boards should be a secure and stimulating area in which students work is shown on display boards throughout the school age range. Notice board ideas for school can be taken from student work, competitions and notices about clubs & activates. (more…)