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Teaching Jobs in Dubai International Schools

Teaching jobs in Dubai schools

Dubai is a popular destination for tourists, sports fans, academics and teachers looking for teaching jobs in Dubai schools.  Situated in United Arab Emirates (UAE) the city is a well developed cosmopolitan fairly large area with good public transport, although you can drive with the correct local driving licence. Education jobs and teaching in Dubai international schools are available and offered to teachers from nursery, primary and secondary school with the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience.


International school teachers in Dubai receive two days off Friday and Saturday. Schools in Dubai start classes early and you are expected to be in school before 7 am.


Current teaching jobs in Dubai

Rainbow Valley NurseryDubai Nursery Manager Job Opening UAE         – GEMS Royal Dubai SchoolInternational School in Require A Primary Teacher

The School of Research Science, Secondary English Teachers Required

Deira Private School, Dubai Primary Classroom Teacher Job


Teaching in Dubai at an International school

Dubai international schools provide an education to local school pupils and international expat children offering education curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to sixth form. Just about all schools start in late August or early September for students attending classes.

Primary/elementary and secondary high school Dubai teaching jobs to 5-18 year old’s students.

Nursery/Kindergarten schools in Dubai jobs: As a nursery teacher you will be looking after and helping to develop the speech and learning of children from 3-5 years old.


International school teacher in Dubai salary

Depends on your years of experience and qualifications.  Additional payment is awarded for responsibility, such as head of department or leadership role.

Salary you receive each month is part of a package that will included flights, accommodation, health insurance, reduced school fees, possible car and other benefits.


Dubai teacher requirements

Classroom and senior leadership positions requirements are the same for UAE including education qualifications for the post and obtaining a work permit/residency visa. Also, depends on the school job and level of responsibility.

  • 2+ years teaching experience, also newly qualified teachers considered
  • Must have certified, attested and legalized qualifications for visa and work permit regulations
  • Medical check document that has be authenticated
  • A legal requirement for Dubai for classroom teachers is a degree in the subject you will teach, and teaching qualification at that age


Age 60 + you will not be issued a work/residency permit even if you can obtain a school educators job in Dubai.  You are perceived as too old.



Accommodation in Dubai

An apartment or villa is provides by all international schools and other state education providers, single or shared. Dubai teacher accommodation ranges in size and standards depending on your employer, and many places for teachers are a distance away from your school.

An accommodation allowance is also payable instead, although renting is expensive in Dubai.



Dubai area facts

Population: 1,942,032 million approximately
Area size: Metro area 1,287.4 km² (497.1 sq mi) approximately
Currency: Dirham
Language: Arabic
Time: + 3 GMT winter time
International dialing code: + 971
Climate: October to May hot & sunny. June to September very hot with little rain.
Dubai City Code: 4



Getting around Dubai

Metro over ground rail network

Modern air conditioned regular public buses

Car lease. Hire or you can buy a vehicle as a resident

Boat as a pleasure trip and a small boat for leisure



Dubai health care system

Employers will provide a health card for private medical facilities. Medical treatment can be very high quality but expensive. Check with your employer if it is full benefits or standard or even lower coverage.  Comprehensive medical cover means you are taken care off for all medical needs, well mostly all if you need care and assistance.



Where to find a teacher vacancy in Dubai    

Jobs to teach in Dubai schools for teachers are available all year round at present as demand for good teachers continues. Should you wish to teacher’s job search on the internet:

Job board on this website

Conduct a Google search for Dubai teacher recruitment agencies

On teacher recruitment agencies Dubai

Dubai, Middle East and international education & teaching job boards