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Teaching Overseas Living in a Country of your Choice

Teaching Overseas, English Teaching Abroad, Teach AbroadDeciding to move to another country teaching overseas at a school is not an easy decision. Teaching abroad or moving abroad for a teaching job takes research, adequate finances, organising and planning.

State and International school positions for teachers abroad are accessible with at least an undergraduate degree. The vast majority of opportunities for teachers with teaching qualification certificates are available for educators in countries that have restrictions on employment in education.

Why should you be employed instead of a local teacher? Possibly you are a native speaker of English.


Teaching overseas classroom positions

There are job opportunities for overseas trained teachers at international and state schools with many thousands of international teaching abroad positions at any one time throughout the year, displayed online, newspapers and recruitment fairs.

To teach abroad in a state or international school, requires teacher certification, and an undergraduate degree, not just 2 good references from past teaching positions. Teaching abroad can be different from being a teacher in your own country, although most employers are looking for successful knowledge, skills and prior classroom experience that are transferable.


Where to find teaching overseas posts

– Teacher websites
– Careers fairs
– Overseas teacher recruitment agencies
– Education & teaching vacancies boards
– Contact schools direct


Countries for teaching abroad careers

As a teacher, you have many countries that invite teachers to apply for school positions including:


Countries (Click on the flag for each country guidance)


School teacher in Australia

Australia: Down under choice in Aussie schools.

Teacher post in English

Brazil: Teach English at schools with new life experiences.  Residency and living in the country

Canada Schools for teaching

Canada:  Visa and work permit requirements for teachers  Here for skilled migrants in education

experience life as a teacher in China

China: Checkout what qualifications and experience to teach, paperwork/documents for working Z visa

Dubai jobs in teachingDubai: international fee paying school guide for applications. Experience a new life here

Egypt teachers jobs in schools

Egypt : International school teachers vacancies and opportunities to live in the country

International school in KuwaitKuwait: School.  See here for what you need

English in Malaysia SchoolMalaysia: English and school teachers need to be qualified

lecturer and teach in New ZealandNew Zealand: Teachers heading to the island guide

Teacher and lecturer information for OmanOman: Sultanate of Oman choice.  Salaries and qualifications required

teacher in Qatar schools and universitiesQatar: State and international school salaries, visa and teaching qualifications needed.  Education Tay list here

English in Russia as a teacherRussia: International school TEFL, qualifications and visa’s educators (You) require to teach in the country

Secondary & primary school in Scotland for teachers

Scotland’s primary & secondary school teacher educational job options

Saudi Arabia university and teacher jobsSaudi Arabia: Press here for KSA teacher guide

 Teaching in Schools in Spain Jobs

Spain: Language and cultural assistant & international school Education Tay guide for Spain

Secondary, primary teaching in TaiwanTaiwan:  Nursery, primary, high school requirements for TW teachers

Thailand teaching English in state schoolThailandExperience living and teaching in a different culture with a tropical climate.

UAE lecturer jobs and International teaching positionsUnited Arab Emirates & Abu Dhabi   Checkout Education Tay UAE qualification, visa and education sector details

 Academic Jobs and teachin, school Education Jobs in UK

United Kingdom: Many school teachers required in the UK.. Qualification salaries and visa guidance



Qualifications to teach abroad

Immigration and employment criteria of foreigners have become more strict. Why? Governments tend to desire local workers over immigrants to take certain jobs and teacher criteria is also becoming more enhanced.

Depending on the country, your qualifications and position you decide for teaching abroad will restrict you on where you are welcome as an overseas teacher.

As one example Thailand has tier one & two state schools, one being the top schools.  As a foreigner you must be a qualified state school teacher with experience from your own country to get a teaching position at a tier one school in Thailand.  Although there are good opportunities to teach English abroad in Thailand language, state and international schools.

Deciding to go teaching in United Arab Emirates Teaching (UAE) you require a named undergraduate degree and other qualifications attested and certified when a taking up a teaching post.

Some employers request you have all your paperwork ready to go in advance when you apply for the job. Other countries while teaching overseas restrict areas of the country you can work in to people with years of experience and higher degrees, such as China.


Teaching experience

Employers are looking for people with good teaching and behaviour management skills. Finding a good job without experience as a teacher will be restrictive, but no impossible. Teachers with years of experience in full-time posts, that can display successful classroom experience on their resume/CV get the better education jobs.  Overseas teaching experience is becoming desirable for employers as this shows previous successful experiences in a different culture.



Do not always expect you will get provided with an apartment or villa you are happy with. I myself flew out to a teaching post and was specifically told single own accommodation. When I arrived, you guessed it was 2 sharing. Not happy.

We all require somewhere to sleep and an important factor planning and accepting a job as a lecturer or teacher abroad is accommodation cost, location and access.

Many jobs as a classroom teacher come with accommodation of some sort or an allowance. You should always ask where, how far, accessible transport and other questions. You require being happy with your sleeping and travel arrangements.

20 minute taxi ride to school and then back can break your budget, and if coupled with finding your own accommodation you may not save much each month.



Depending on the employer a contract is an enforceable contract. A job teaching English abroad or your specialist subject should legally come with a contract of employment logged with the education department, immigration and other places relevant to that specific country. A teaching contract is very important to gain a job, visa, residency papers and protect both parties.


Money transfer

When teaching abroad think about the exchange rate and a safe way to transfer money abroad to pay essentials. In addition, exchange rates changing can affect how much purchasing power you return home with as savings.



Before you travel for any job abroad, proper planning, tickets, and other arrangements should be in place.


Visa/Residency permit

Not everyone will be issued with the required paperwork to teach oversees, and to legally enter a country and be employed as a teacher. For a good number of countries before you can teach abroad you require your qualifications certified and medical before taking up a teaching job. Always leave plenty time to process a visa or permit or obtain all the required documents. Police clearance check can take up to 30 days to process and then it requires to be authenticated and then legalised.



Everyone gets ill sometimes while teaching abroad, good idea to arrange medical cover before you leave or your employer may provide medical coverage as part of your teaching employment package.

The information here for teaching overseas is basic. Other guidance for moving, living and teaching abroad is available on this website.