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Teach in North America

Three countries of Mexico, Canada and United States of America (USA) provide educators positions to teach in North America.  Two of the most well developed and advanced education systems Canada and USA attract students to the 100’s of universities and fee paying school in their respective countries.  This where you come in! You would be providing learning to pupils in kindergarten, and from grade K-12, community college and universities depending on your experience and teaching qualification.

The best chance of teaching in the USA is to be known in the field you teach and research at university level.  You would be at doctor or professor level with recognised published research and 3+ year’s university teaching experience in that field. The category of work visa you would apply for is first preference for outstanding professors & researchers.


School teachers, college and university lectures can also apply for a third preference visa under professional occupation.

Work visa and residency is a little bit easier for Mexico and Canada with good chances for permanent settlement in Canada.  The school, college and university teaching year starts in fall, which is around early September until the following late June.  Children attend school in kindergarten from age 4 then move to grade 1 in elementary school and carry on in school through to grade 12 (K12).

The time of day is not the same for the west coast and the east of the continent, as there are hours of a difference between New York and Seattle for example.  Each year millions of tourists are attracted to the regions sporting, educational and leisure activities for a short or long stay holiday.

Visit Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Key West, Cancun in Mexico or Vancouver Bay and sight see or relax and watch the world go by.  USA and Canada are very well known for some of the most trendy and luxury shopping malls, (On a teacher salary!) where you can by the latest trainers or designer dress.

You can live fairly comfortable on a teacher pay in mostly any part of North America, although you need to look around for affordable accommodation in the major cities.




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