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Teaching in the Middle East

Teaching in the Middle East, Teaching Jobs in The Middle EastTeachers can find opportunities teaching in the Middle East from education jobs with the government or teaching jobs at schools. Forming part of the Asia continent, the Middle East has their own countries with distinct culture and beliefs.

Some of the countries that are located in the area include: Jordan, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Lebanon,. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.  The climate is hot and humid in the spring/summer months, although becomes cooler during winter.

Classroom educators looking at jobs for teachers in Qatar or other country will find an abundance of advertised education and teaching jobs in the Middle East in all sectors from nursery to high school level or indeed jobs as a language teacher in Saudi Arabia. You will require at least 2 years of teaching experience and a teaching qualification for any teaching jobs in Middle East.

Good salary packages are offered to school teachers including accommodation and return fights.


Shop at a bazaar or visit Souk Al-Mubarakiya and the numerous other Souk’s in Kuwait or Qatar to buy fresh dates, fish, fruit and vegetables.

Languages spoken in the Middle East include Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Persian, Kurdish and Berber. English is widely spoken in the Gulf States and is one of the official languages of Saudi Arabia where English as a second language teachers can gain a teaching position with a very good salary package at international schools also.

During your spare time there is no shortage of places to visit or see.  Take a walk along the corniche in Kuwait or Doha, desert safari trip, shop at Marina Mall in Kuwait or attend top class horse racing at Meydan in Dubai.


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 Take the chance of a change of lifestyle and experience everything what Dubai has to offer.




United Arab Emirates

 Splendour and elegance of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.





 International schools and universities in the country offer teaching and lecturing jobs





 Universities, colleges and school jobs for teachers information





 Teach at a school for 2 to 18 year old’s in Qatar.




Saudi Arabia

 Accept a training position with the government or teach at one of the universities in the country.




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