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Teaching Jobs in Qatar

Teaching Jobs in Qatar Public and International SchoolsQatar has become a destination for teachers attracted to teaching jobs in Qatar international schools and independent school education to educate Qatari & foreign children. International private fee paying schools offer a wide selection of subject specialist education jobs for teachers.

Nursery/kindergarten, primary/elementary, secondary/high school jobs in international schools in Qatar from classroom teacher to management positions can be obtained.

At present, the Supreme Educational Council is driving forward an education for a new era.  Education reforms over the coming years are focused on creating a modern public school system and world-class universities in Qatar.

Situated near Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates, Qatar attracts almost 3 million visitors per year to attend sporting, business and cultural events as well as many tourists attracted by what the country offers.

Teachers thinking about jobs for teachers in Qatar benefit from knowing English is widely spoken by locals and some of the expat community, although workers making a living in Qatar from the Asian continent generally speak their own languages.


Qualified school teacher Qatar salary package key benefits

Teaching and lecurer education jobs at school & university
Qatar Museum of Islamic Art by Jameel Riaz


School teaching jobs salary packages offered are around 9000-16000 QR tax free per month, depending on experience and qualification level as a classroom teacher. A leadership role as a school principle you will find a comparable tax free salary as with western school packages.

International and independent schools Qatar salary packages for teachers also include free return flight, accommodation, health care insurance plan, paid utilities, Leadership positions attract greater benefits.  Be aware that some schools do not offer a full salary package if locally recruited in Qatar as with being hired from your home country.


Teaching jobs in Qatar opportunities


Independent school in Qatar

Qatar school teacher jobs at independent schools are available for experienced and qualified teachers with the Qatar government that is actively employing teachers and advisers to teach in government funded schools. Teaching vacancies are offered to Qatari and educators from other countries, including the Arab and western world.

Teachers in Qatar can be locally employed or on international contracts where you are employed from outside of Qatar.

Financed by the Qatari government independent schools are free for Qatari school children, although other nationality children can attend for a fee per year.  In 2017 there are approximately 100,00 students that attend free school for nursery, primary and secondary education.

The school curriculum is slightly different from the international schools where a more traditional up to date regional curriculum is taught.

The Supreme Educational Council sets the core subjects that must be taught, although schools can employ and teach the way they choose for effective learning to take place. Subjects include:

– Islamic Studies          – Arabic         – Mathematics        – Science          – English


School age levels

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary School: Grade 1 – 6
  • Preparatory School: Grade 7 – 9
  • Secondary School: Grade 10 – 12  (Teaching English in Qatar only)


Teaching at a school in Qatar you will find not only local Qatari qualified teachers “but” other countries teachers are found in educational roles in public schools in Qatar, such as Arabic teachers from Egypt.

Western teachers that have English language as their mother tongue can find employment in state-funded schools.


Qualifications and experience required

Qatar state schools employ newly trained teachers, although western experienced teachers with 2-3 plus years of classroom teaching also can find employment as a qualified primary or high school teacher.


Typical requirements include:

  • Qualified as a teacher is a must
  • Good classroom management techniques and behaviour for learning strategies
  • Up to date teaching & learning methods
  • 2+ years of successful experience teaching that subject and age level
  • No criminal record for immigration, residency/work permit and the school
  • Knowledge of the Arabic language is desired and indeed useful


As a Qatar teacher the salary offered in state sector schools range from 12000 Riyals upwards for a full-time teacher depending on experience, qualifications and responsibility for teaching and learning.  A teacher’s salary package can include other benefits such as housing, medical fees coverage and flights in state schools in Qatar.


Night Flight Qatar. West Bay, Doha by Jon Bowles
Night Flight Qatar. West Bay, Doha by Jon Bowles

Teaching in Qatar international schools

There are many independent international schools from Al Khor, Doha and other areas that are privately owned where students attend from a wide selection of backgrounds, cultures and nationalities.

Private schools choose to deliver a curriculum from a certain country and you will find a good number of global curriculum’s being taught to students. School children in private schools must be taught certain core subjects including:


  • Arabic                –   Islamic studies           –    Mathematics         –   Physical education


School age and curriculum

Should you decide to become an expat Qatar school teacher you will see that children attend nursery school from the age of 4 or 5 years old, then progress to primary and then secondary level.

Many school children choose to stay on at school until 18 years old, although the school leaving age in Qatar is 16.

In a British curriculum school, for example, students take their final examinations at 16 years old if they have studied International General Certificate in Education (IGCSE) qualifications or A levels at 18 years old.

Popular schools cater to Indian students, American (US) students, and British students, also a general international curriculum based on IGCSE & baccalaureate (IB) studies and qualifications.

The language of teaching is mostly English except for Islamic studies and Arabic for obvious reasons.


Obtaining a teaching job

At present, it is much easier to obtain a teachers job in Qatar international schools as there are fewer employer regulations.  Teaching jobs are available for locally employed or international contracts from one to three years, although a two-year contract is average.

There are private schools in Qatar that only offer one-year teaching contracts and assess teachers every two weeks or monthly and decide if they are a suitable teacher to be offered a renewed contract.

Qatar advertised education and jobs in teaching stating “permanent” is factually incorrect as a non Qatari male, for example, you are not permitted to stay in Qatar on a permanent bases.  Teaching contracts in Qatar can be renewed.


Requirements for private international schools in Qatar

Many schools require you to have at least 2 years teaching experience and a teaching qualification. Not many schools if any will employ you as a “Teacher” without experience.

Qatar school teacher vacancies at times are available to newly qualified teachers, especially in core subjects, such as a mathematics, sciences and information technology . Qatar schools are also in a competition to attract suitable classroom teachers and at times will offer jobs to new educators with minimal experience as long as you are fully qualified from your home country.

British curriculum schools in Qatar can help arrange you to complete a NQT year (English & Wales). You would need to decide if this is the right choice for you. Think about support provided, what if a job ends before completion?

Without being a qualified teacher to teach school age children, you will find very few opportunities in private schools in Qatar.  Regulations are changing and it is becoming mandatory for teachers to hold a teaching qualification for the school age children they wish to teach.


  • Qualified teacher for kindergarten, primary or secondary age students
  • Good general health to pass a medical in Qatar conducted in the country after you arrive with blood test and chest x-ray
  • 2 or more years of teaching experience, some schools like you to have 5 years plus experience
  • Commit to a contract and teach between 1 to 3 years
  • At least a BA, BSc undergraduate degree in any subject that you will teach
  • Visa, work and residence permit requirements such as fingerprinting by the local police to be issued a residency permit

As a western trained teacher and citizenship, the above requirements are standard.



Subjects, jobs and teaching positions

International school teacher jobs in Qatar at Nursery/kindergarten and primary/elementary: Year/grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


School teachers are employed to teach subjects for all curriculum areas in Qatar international & public schools.


Teaching job roles at all levels from classroom teacher:

Teacher, head of department, head of secondary & primary, head of year, principal, director, head teacher


Visa residency and work permit

The process is that you can arrive at present on a 30-day tourist visa for citizens of many countries and then your employer helps you through the residency and a valid legal work permit successful application.


When you are in Qatar to teach

Hand over all documents required including teaching and qualification certificates, birth certificate, marriage license if applicable and copies to your employer.

Your employer takes your passport and gains permission from the labor department for you to teach in Qatar schools, college or universities.

You are taken for a medical including blood tests and chest x-ray.

Then you go for your fingerprints to be taken by the police.

Eventually after a lot of paperwork between 5-8 weeks you receive your passport back with a residency permit stuck on one page. You also receive an id card with your details on it, carry the id card everywhere you go; it is a requirement by law.  Your employer should also issue you with a medical insurance card.


Salaries for Qatar teachers summary

What you get offered as a salary package as an international teacher depends on:

  • Qualifications, extra for a master’s degree and even more for holders of a PhD
  • For each year of relevant experience, many employers will pay extra on top of a basic salary
  • Responsibility for a department, assistant head teacher or other position attracts a higher salary package
  • International teachers are generally offered a salary approximately the same as their own country
  • Classroom teachers can expect to be offered as a basic salary in 2016 of 12.500 Riyal per month upwards in an international school
  • Qatari government teaching and education employment packages expect to be more that international schools
  • No income tax deductions are taken off your salary in Qatar
  • A return flight once per year is normally part of an international teachers contract as well as local holiday and summer time holiday pay, according to Qatar labor laws
  • Teaching in Qatar you will notice that there is no teachers pension deductions and no payments towards your pension.  You may wish to save some money for your retirement


Exit permit

Educators teaching in Qatar that are issued a work permit sponsored by their employer are required by immigration to obtain an exit permit before leaving the country.  This is a formality and the change in law means you apply at the Ministry of Interior at least 3 days before you intend to leave the country for the exit permit.  My own experience was easy, I handed the sheet of paper to the customs officer going through customs when leaving Qatar that my Qatari sponsor arranged.




International teachers in Qatar are given education employee salary packages that come with an apartment or villa that is single or shared or a living allowance depending on the employer and contract.  The accommodation your employer provide is furnished.

Private rented accommodation in Qatar can be expensive, a single apartment in a reasonable area from 9000 Riyals rental per month.

Apartment blocks in Qatar usually have a service maintenance man that can assist with bottle gas, furniture removal and rubbish disposal.  Basically, the person is there should you have any service issues with your apartment including any electrical faults.

Good idea to ask your employer how far the school or university is from the apartment or villa you are allocated. Schools assembly starts early at 7 am and public transport can be difficult to access at that time, depending on location.


Country facts

Capital: Doha

Area size: 11, 437 sq km

Population: 813,000 approximately

Currency: Qatari Riyal (QAR)

Languages: Arabic, although English widely spoken

Climate: hot, humid summers, mild winters

International dialing code: 974

Time zone: GMT +3

Electricity: 220V 50Hz 2 pin round plug or 3 pin plugs


The country is a safe place and welcoming to many nationalities.  As one of the liberal countries in the region, Qatar laws allow people a lot of freedom, although be respectful to local culture and customs.


Public holidays

3rd September Independence Day   18th December National Day.



You can drive on your own countries license for the first two weeks after arriving.

Driving licenses are exchangeable for many countries and you can drive obtaining a Qatar license by passing an eyesight test. Once you receive your residency permit you must obtain a Qatari license to legally drive, as you are now a resident in Qatar.



A modern fleet of air-conditioned buses that travel around many parts of Doha and other areas such as out to Al Khor.



There are many private taxis in Qatar between white cars or limousines (Basically a car).  Taxis are one of the main sources of public transport within Doha.

What you will find is that if you stand at the side of the street or indeed the road a taxi will stop and ask if you wish to go shopping, work or another place. Well, this was my experience while in Qatar.


Leisure and facilities

As a teacher, it is not just about teaching in Qatar, lesson planning, marking the country has good sporting, leisure and cultural attractions.

Qatar sponsor and hosts major sporting events including:

  • Tennis
  • Badminton and squash
  • Horse racing and endurance
  • Motorcycle and bike races


Excellent facilities for leisure sports fans will find the following:

  • Full-size golf course
  • Good quality thoroughbred horse racing at Racing and Equestrian Club (REC)
  • Good selection of private exercise and gyms
  • Horse riding stables
  • Yacht club and pleasure boat ride in the bay
  • A range of clubs to join or to go along as a spectator


Cultural attractions include Qatar museum, old town streets, buildings & modern art exhibitions.

What about shopping malls and shops?  Yes, there are good shopping malls in Doha and around Qatar that have high-class shops for luxury items and people on a working person budget.


Visit the Souq Waqif in the downtown area of Doha for an authentic experience of what Qatar offers.  The smell of the fresh fish, dates, spices, and food items is a great experience for a first time visitor.  You will find a selection of good quality cafes and shops side by side with market traders.


School jobs in Qatar

To see job advertisements and apply for any education or teaching in Qatar school teacher job you need to search job boards and recruitment agency websites:


Qatar school teacher vacancies can be found on the homepage when available,

The Supreme Education website for public school jobs,

International recruitment websites for school jobs,

Make a list of international schools in Qatar and apply direct to a school for advertised job openings on their website,

Recruitment fairs in western countries and in the Middle East,