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See What is Required to Teach in EuropeWith a diverse mix of mainly western cultures European countries have well developed education systems to teach in Europe.  Choose to teach in a state school, universities such as in Paris, Athens, Dublin or Helsinki.  Language centres, independent and international schools accommodate fee paying students that attend private sector learning providers for all age students. Teaching jobs in Europe in all sectors can be found all year round.

Countries for teaching in Europe can be in the European Union from Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany or Italy to other countries like Switzerland, Ukraine, Norway and Russia. More jobs can be obtained in Spain and especially the UK where 1000’s of lecturing and school English teaching jobs are advertised at anyone time.


Do I need to be qualified to teach?

For you to be employed in state, international or independent schools you must be a qualified school age teacher from nursery, primary or the secondary sector.

You can also teach in Europe at a language school teaching adults and children English or another language. To teach English in Europe the majority of language centres require to teachers to hold a language teachers certificate.

Language and cultural assistant positions for one year can be arranged in Spain, Italy and other countries to word alongside state school teachers.

Securing a work permit or a visa for a European country should be no problem if you are a qualified teacher with experience. You may only be able to teach for one year as a cultural assistant in Spain or France or you have the option of the Youth Mobility Visa in the UK to teach in a state or independent school in the UK.

Transport networks make it fairly easy to move around each country and to gain easy access to close by countries to visit.  Holiday time and days off there is a vast amount of leisure cultural and sporting activities you can join in on.  Horse riding, skiing in Scotland or the Alps, visit art galleries in Holland and lounge on beaches in Italy and Croatia.


For each country flag click on it to see basic information about visa and teacher qualification requirements.



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Teachers of English in Russia

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