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Teach in Central America and Caribbean

Teach in Central America and Caribbean
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Become one of the fortunate few who teach in Central America and Caribbean at an international school, elementary, high school or in one of the regions universities. The majority of the year you will experience warn tropical weather, and the occasional hurricane. Countries you can secure a teaching jobs in Central America in your specialist subject or an education job with the government include: Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Belize and Dominican Republic.


Volunteer teacher position programs are run by a number of organisations that are in partnership with schools to help teach children languages and raise the learning attainment.  You will require a work permit and visa to first enter and work in your chosen country, with some countries easier than other to gain permission such as Panama and Costa Rica for western trained teachers.


Teaching and education jobs for school teachers, especially teaching English in Central America your better chances are with Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica as they have more developed economies and you can freely gain a tourist visa for 3 or 6 months to start with.  English is widely spoken in countries such as Barbados, Virgin Islands and Jamaica, although do not expect all school classes to be taught in English.

You should expect to have all your teaching and education documents authenticated and translated into the local language as well as any other paperwork required for a working visa. There is plenty to see and participate in from sailing, diving, walking & hiking, and visiting the many cultural and historical sites in countries from El Salvador, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.


Renting and buying property

Purchasing a house or renting an apartment is possible in mostly any area in the Caribbean and Central America.  Prices for renting a house or a one bedroom place to live vary greatly depending on location.  Higher rent prices are in bigger cities and around the Caribbean island as they are popular with tourist second home buyers.  Panama and Honduras and Costa Rica rent prices can be afforded on a teacher’s salary. Although require to research and look around for good deals.  The usual one or two moths deposit and rent in advance is require by landlords and always request a written rental agreement.