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Country Guidance to Teach in Australasia

Country Guidance to Teach in AustralasiaAs an area, Australasia is seen as an oceanic continent where countries are spread out across vast oceans. Teach in Australasia at one of the international school in New Zealand or Australia or at the many state schools.

Australia and New Zealand attracts many people from around the world looking to settle in the country or teach for a few years at one of the good universities in the region.  Lecturers and teachers looking to Teach region can obtain a relevant working visa, and of course you require to be appropriately qualified to teach at that age of school or university student.

The attraction to Australia or other countries in Australasia includes good weather, standard of living and stable lifestyle.  Countries also include Papua New Guinea, a smaller island nation that attracts visitors for its sandy beaches and wildlife.


What can I do in my free time?

Loads!  The oceanic region provides flora & fauna, countryside, jungle and wild animal species that have been around since the dinosaurs.  Don’t become a snack!

Sailing or cursing on a yacht is a popular past time as is socialising on one of the many sunny beaches in the region.


Check out the country guides below which provide standard requirements for teachers and lecturers and where to get your qualifications checked & approved.


Lecturer or teach in Australia

State school are actively employing good teachers from the USA, Canada and Ireland and UK that wish to settle in Australia.  Professors and university lectures can also find a position in one of Australia’s universities.




Relocate and lecturer in New Zealand
New Zealand

Although mo teacher shortage, should you wish to relocate to New Zealand an educational role is possible.  The entire country is well known for outdoor adventure and great scenic beauty.