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Universities in Scotland

Universities in Scotland, Scotland University. Scotland UniversitiesListings of all 19 top universities in Scotland that provide excellent research facilities, teaching and almost every subject course to study. From the northeast to the south-west of Scotland universities listed below are some of the world’s leading universities for facilities, value of skills, learning and qualifications. (more…)

UK University Course Search and How to Apply

UK University Course Search and How to ApplyTo find a Scotland, England, Wales UK university course and how to apply by the deadline date: See below by clicking on the picture/logo that links to the appropriate website.

Below are UK universities and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland databases of available courses to study in the UK by subject, level and university provider.  or search by specific university website. (more…)

Colleges in UK and Courses Offered

Colleges in UK and Courses Offered for StudentsFurther education colleges in UK from Scotland. Wales and England offering higher education courses through open learning, distance learning, part-time and full-time study. Apprenticeships, SVQ, certificates, diplomas, undergraduate degree courses. (more…)

Study in Scotland on a Professional or Degree Course

Choosing to study in Scotland for an undergraduate degree or professional qualification could provide the opportunity for a positive life changing experiences. Language schools, post 16 further education colleges and universities combined offer just about any course of study.

Scotland is an open and welcoming country for all visitors, and indeed is visited by many people as a destination for a short break or longer stay. Another reason is the country has a rich heritage of culture education, art and research. (more…)

Teacher Training UK Courses

Teacher Training UK, PGCE. PGDE, Nursery, Primary, Secondary SchoolTraining to be a teacher in the UK is not the same for all parts of the UK 4 nations, teacher training UK is different in Scotland than England & Wales although similar. Depending on the type of teaching course, such as BEd or PGCE you complete will provide you with the professional qualification required for the nursery, primary, secondary or tertiary sector. (more…)

PGCE Interview Questions and Answers for Teacher Training

Training as a teacherTeacher training interviews have become competitive and PGCE interview questions response require to be well planned for a successful outcome.

What will they ask me?   and what do I say?     The following are standard questions asked, possible response framework and my contribution as a secondary teacher for 6 years. (more…)

PGDE Scotland, Teacher Training Postgraduate Qualification

Teaching in Scotland could provide you with a graduate, respected occupation and well defined career progression. First you require to qualify through a postgraduate PGDE Scotland teacher training course. This qualification is the formal study & training to becoming a school teacher, after completing an undergraduate degree. All teaching courses Scotland are conducted in schools and in conjunction with the universities in Scotland.

PGDE Scotland, Teacher Training Postgraduate Qualification
University of Strathclyde School of Education


Professional and Career Development Loan Finance

University, college or work-based professional and career development loan finance from a UK bank Professional and Career Development Loan Study Financecould help you fund training and development for a job or existing position.

Career loans can be for postgraduate study, training, trade qualification or to qualify in a certain profession. The UK has a well-developed range of education loan products and opportunities for students and people that wish to gain further training and qualifications for career progression. (more…)

Student Loan to Study in the UK

Students can apply for a student loan to study in the UK for the course and study level you propose. Student Loans Company (SLC) organisation provides loans to students in relation study at higher education in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Loans assistance can help full-time students although the assistance you receive depends on the course, where you reside while studying and when applying, and your individual and families circumstances. (more…)

Educational Grants, Bursaries & Student Scholarship Funding

Educational Grants & Bursaries Funding, Student Funding Finance UKSearching the internet, local library and other sources of information for educational grants, bursaries & student scholarship funding are available for undergraduate and especially postgraduate taught degrees & research. Many grants are awarded by universities, research institutes and governments to attract students and to conduct research.

Education grants are awarded if you qualify and meet the criteria of the awarding organisation. Of course, all places that award grants have a limited amount of money they provide within a certain time. Study grants can be from nursery assisted learning or college and university level. (more…)

Bachelor of Education BEd Degree Teaching Qualification

Undergraduate degree route for teacher’s to qualify to teach in school, the qualification is 3 or 4-year’s full-time bachelor of education BEd degree UK course at honour’s level that also confers Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England & Wales, although not every course.

BEd initial teacher training is popular with a good number of universities offering courses, although places on courses are limited and competitive. (more…)

Post Compulsory PGCE Further Education Qualification

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in general is a one academic year full time post compulsory PGCE course studies at England or Wales universities in conjunction with two college placements.

Teacher training for the post 16 sector is a challenging full time or part time course that qualifies you for teaching at a further education college, sixth form, adult education and training companies.


Primary & Secondary PGCE Training Courses England & Wales

Qualifications to teach in a primary and secondary school in England & Wales is through postgraduate primary and secondary PGCE training courses offered by training providers or a (Bed) studied through a university in England & Wales.

PGCE primary or secondary postgraduate teacher training courses are not so easy to get a place in recent years, and you will also require meeting a range of requirements during your training such as pass skills tests and become an efficient trainee teacher. (more…)

Masters in Education (MEd) Postgraduate Teaching Degree

As an advanced degree, masters in education (MEd) postgraduate teaching qualification provides additional skills, knowledge and a greater insight into a specialist area of education. Becoming required by more employers, an advanced degree in education is additionally becoming a requirement for new teachers in primary and secondary schools, especially management and specialist roles.

The UK government is evolving education at all levels and teachers, lecturers and other people in education could gain an advantage who hold a postgraduate degree in education. (more…)

TEFL Certificate Courses UK & Abroad

A TEFL certificate qualification is for teaching English as a second language in the UK or teaching abroad, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is recognised and requested by employers in language centres and learning institutions around the world.

The language teacher certification course qualifies you to teach in a language school, schools abroad, colleges, universities and commercial companies as an English language teacher on a full time, part time and contract basis. (more…)

Master in Business Administration & Management Degree

Master in Business Administration- Master in Management Studies DegreeLeader’s and senior managers could benefit from a recognised master in business administration (MBA) or master management studies degree where they receive advanced grounding in management theory.

Managers with years of experience and in the possession of a master’s in management  or MBA could be a valuable asset for an organisation or indeed working for themselves.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate business qualification that is well known and asked for by employers around the world.

Similar subjects are studied to Master in Management Studies at many colleges & universities, although an MBA is designed to offer students an academic grounding in business terminology and thinking.


How to Become a Nurse UK

How to Become a Nurse UK - University Nursing Training Courses
University of Stirling Student Nurse (Source)

A nurse can work in public or private GP practice, hospitals, retirement homes and other places. How to become a nurse UK so you can work in any place where there are people from schools, college, university, occupational health services, hospices and the pharmaceutical industry sector is listed below.

Nurses work individually and as part of larger teams to help people to get well, provide advice and conduct health checks. There are many job roles of a trained nurse and many opportunities for career advancement.


Trained nurses have good career prospects with well defined professional advancement opportunities in the UK to become a nurse leader or practitioner.  Nurses are a care providers, supportive to carers, doctors and to the medical profession as a whole.