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Language Schools Where Students Learn a Second Language

Good language schools are an asset to a community for learners, parents and the local business. Learning a language or advancing knowledge of a language is not only popular “but” could benefit you in a jobs, career and social life.


School Curriculum Planning for Effective Teaching and Learning

Essential to the effective implementation of the curriculum being delivered. When possible, curriculum planning should be obtainable and able to be viewed and easily updated.

Consideration and systematic planning and details of students class and homework develop in difficulty at the right time. Curricular planning requires to be at three levels; long-term strategic planning, mid-term planning, short-term/lesson plans for schools at secondary and primary Level. (more…)

School Council Selection and Student Involvement

Opportunity for students to get involved a school council lets students learn how to be part of an organisational structure using systems and processes to make a difference to their school. The status of a school student council can be greatly enhanced if its membership is made up from some of the following: (more…)

School Principal Job Description of Duties and Responsabilities

A school principal provides professional leadership and management in order to promote a secure foundation from which to achieve high standards. To gain a high quality of education the school leader must manage teaching & learning effectively in order to realise the potential of every student and the school. (more…)

Disaster Recovery Planning Ideas for Schools In Emergencies

A head teacher or principal is responsible disaster recovery planning and for declaring an emergency. As the leader in the emergency operation, the school leader ensures good communications and a seamless activation of the disaster planning process to recovery.

An emergency is defined as an incident which causes or threatens death, injury or serious disruption to the normal working of the school and may require the assistance of outside agencies to ensure that the organisation returns to normal. (more…)