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Primary School Jobs as a Teacher and Support Positions

Primary School Jobs and Primary School Teaching Jobs UK & AbroadA young person’s place of learning provides educators primary school jobs and support educational job roles. Schools in the state and private sector provide education that is delivered around a national curriculum. Primary school teacher jobs are the most important roles within a school along with primary teaching assistant positions where teachers deliver learning & development for children from 4 to 12 years old in the UK .

Pupils start school in primary one to primary seven and England & Wales has years one to year seven, incorporating key stage 1 & 2, in the foundation, infant, and junior stages. In the primary independent private sector, a fee paying primary school is known as a preparatory school where fees are payable, child selection admission testing and attendance can be until 13 years old.


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Primary school jobs

A career as a primary teacher, school receptionist job or a teaching assistant can be one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and challenging careers. Your daily contact with school pupils is essential because of the impact you can have on the lives and learning at the primary school stage.

Accepting one of the many primary school teacher jobs in the UK from Scotland England & Wales you teach a range of subjects in an age group from reception and Key Stages 1 and 2. As a primary teacher, you can train to teach the full range of national curriculum subjects or specialise in a specific key stage.

Leadership and management position are available to primary school teachers at department and school level. As a school teacher at primary 1 to 7 you are responsible for or part of a whole of a subject or pastoral area and teaching class as with teaching assistants at the school. Primary schools provide one of the main stages in education and are vital a well-run school provides a good foundation to learning.  After a pupil’s time at primary level pupils go on to a secondary school at the age of 12.

Volunteering or applying for paid work as a classroom assistant is an excellent way to get a taste of life in the classroom. Parents and other members of the community can take part in activities with an elementry school or in conjunction with a elementary teacher, reading for instance.

All primary teacher jobs require patience, sense a humour; good health, get on with other people, imagination and creativity in primary school lessons.

Primary schools in the UK can be found in most areas of towns, cities and villages for children to attend provided by the government or public schools in the private education sector. Education jobs and support roles at a primary school can be in administration, technician and other jobs vacancies that a junior school in the UK provides.


Teaching Assistant (TA)

Primary school teaching assistant jobs provide a person an important role in all classrooms and school. In general, an assistant supports teachers and children with learning at primary school.  A primary education teaching assistant can be a specialist subject assistant or work as a general learning assistant covering a range of subjects to help young pupils in class.

Contributions from classroom assistants are not solely linked to one class or teacher.  As a primary teaching assistant you will be relocated according to needs of students and the school, supporting learners answering pupils questions, and the teacher effectively working together to deliver effective learning.

The role of a school teaching assistant extends beyond helping teachers to prepare for lessons by photocopying, preparing materials and putting equipment out at the beginning of lessons and tidying away.

Although an assistant at a junior school does not have the expertise and skills of a qualified teacher, some activities can be managed by suitably trained advanced primary school teaching assistants without qualified teacher status.

This includes supporting reading or taking responsibility for other aspects of learning and assessment.  A TA’s work should be incorporated into the lesson plan and they should be consulted prior to each lesson in order that they know what their role is during that session.


Primary school trips

Educational and social school trips form an integral and important part of the primary school educational process and each subject class should include a school trip planned into the curriculum. Primary school assistant jobs are offered on a part or full time basis where you could take part in events, social and educational trips.


Primary school jobs

You can find primary school teacher jobs and educational roles in the UK from:

teacher,   subject leader,    head of department,    head teacher,    year 1 teacher,   assistant head teacher,   higher level teaching assistant,   year 2 teacher,     deputy head teacher,      homeroom teacher,   KS1 & 2 teacher,      teaching assistant,    year 3 teacher,    head of year,   EYFS class teacher,   year 4 teacher,    primary NQT teacher,     learning support assistant,     year 5 teacher,    SEN assistant,    principal,    year 6 teacher


Primary school education jobs functional roles include:

receptionist,    cook,     lunchtime/midday supervisor     caretaker,    play leader,    after school club leader,   accountant,      ict technician,      personal assistant,       business manager,       school secretary,       human resources assistant,      finance assistant,    cleaner,     admin assistant


Primary teaching jobs are for people aged 18 years and over at all levels of seniority from working in state and public schools. Teacher training can be conducted in a school, through university & school placement training, and then you could secure a teacher’s job at primary school once qualified.


Primary school vacancies

Decide if you wish a school job in your local area or other location.  Look on job boards and specialist education websites for teaching and education jobs.

A popular location in the UK for teachers is obtaining primary school jobs in London where you can teach full or part time, teaching supply or on a contract.   There are many teaching jobs and other educational school jobs in London should you wish.