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PGCE Interview Questions

Teacher training interviews have become competitive and PGCE interview questions require to be well planned for a successful outcome. Being invited to a teacher training interview is the last stage before being accepted onto a course. Getting onto a teaching course has become more difficult with places on PGCE courses being filled quickly.


University and other providers of teacher training have their own format for each set of interview questions, although a face to face interview is an important factor.

Being accepted and passing the interview could involve group exercises, role play, open questions and answers in a group format. My own initial teacher training PGCE interview process involved a group question and answer session and a 30-minute informal talk.


Interview Prepared

There is a sequence of events that should be followed for any interview, although the information is not exhaustive:

– Confirm attendance.
– Arrive at least 15 minutes before time.
– Take your prepared notes and other documents required.
– Travelling 500 miles plus as I did, think about spending the night before in the area.

Conduct research on the subject and key stage area ready for the PGCE interview questions the interviewer is going to ask.


Also, think about:

• Relevant work experience, especially with a school or children.

• Personal qualities and characteristics as a teacher.

• Why teaching is for you.

• What you offer the teaching profession in relation to skills and qualities.


Possible PGCE Interview Questions

• How do you know you want to teach?

• How could you improve student and school experiences for children?

• How would you make your subject interesting and effective teaching?

• How would you react with disruptive pupils in your class?


Each interview is different, although you may require completing and passing a numeracy and literacy test during an interview depending on your circumstances. Some university interview formats included a mini presentation, with a topic provided in advance.

Interviews for a PGCE course can last between 2 hours to 6 hours, depending on the waiting time for an individual interview.

Try and be yourself, dress appropriately in a professional manner, take time and think about the response you provide to questions. The interview is not easy and not everyone will successfully pass the interview stage for teacher training.