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Teaching Jobs in Korea

Teaching Jobs in Korea - Teach English in Korea- Teach in KoreaElementary & high school jobs as well as boarding/independent and international teaching jobs in Korea are wide ranging from public, private schools to ESL teaching jobs at language centres. Each year there are in excess of 10,000 job opportunities for international educators to teach in Korea. The country is always looking for good teachers, making the location a viable option for teaching English in Korea or your subject.

A popular country to teach English abroad for native English speakers, as school’s offer good salaries and other employment benefits to teachers. Korea ESL teaching jobs require commitment to a contract that is renewable. (more…)

Teach in New Zealand

Teach in New Zealand - Teaching Jobs in New ZealandOverseas trained teachers are welcomed to teach in New Zealand from primary to secondary schools, should you have the right to work in the country. The Department of Labor Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL) and the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) are actively looking for teachers for certain New Zealand teaching positions.

Special education teaching jobs in New Zealand and hard to fill positions are generally only available as secondary and primary school teachers are no longer on the skills shortage list for a visa. (more…)

Moving Abroad Checklist for Teachers

Moving Abroad Checklist for TeachersTeachers & lecturers in education also move or take up a new challenge overseas and require a moving abroad checklist for teachers going abroad.  Sending more bulky items by sea takes much longer than air travel for instance.

Even if it is a checklist for moving abroad for a year, each person or family moving to another area or to another country will have different criteria when writing an international moving checklist when it comes to arranging their move from one location to another. (more…)

Teaching Abroad Country Guides Before Relocating

Teaching Abroad Country Guides Before RelocatingDeciding to relocate to another country to become a teacher?  Moving abroad for a teaching job takes research, adequate finances, organising and planning. International country guides for teachers below have summary information on teacher qualifications, salaries, visa and other basic details for teaching abroad.

State and international school positions for educators are accessible with at least an undergraduate degree or language teacher certification. The vast majority of opportunities for teachers with teaching qualifications are available for educators in countries that have restrictions on employment in education. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi, UAE Schools

Teaching Jobs in Abu Dhabi Schools - Teaching in Abu Dhabi, UAEOpportunities for teaching in Abu Dhabi, UAE from Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman and other areas in United Arab Emirates are diverse from education & school teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi public, private or international schools.

Qualified state school teachers looking for a position in the (UAE) can work for government organisations in Dubai or other parts of the Emirate. The UAE is made up of several different areas with Dubai and Abu Dhabi being more well-known cities internationally.


Teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi UAE

 UAE International School Physics Teacher Required                        School Teaching Positions Available in Ajman

 PE Teacher Job Position Al Mamoura Academy Abu Dhabi             Design & Technology Teacher Job Abu Dhabi

  Primary School Teacher Job Opening United Arab Emirates          Music Teacher Required International School UAE

 Elementary Teacher Job Opening Abu Dhabi                                    KG Teacher/EYFS Teacher Required Abu Dhabi


United Arab Emirates international schools

Fee paying schools in the UAE is where many teachers look to teach, with international school jobs advertised to educate local Emirate and the large expat community of foreign children.

Private UAE school teacher positions at nursery,/kindergarten, primary/elementary and secondary/high school level are advertised throughout the year to attract qualified teachers to the country.


Abu Dhabi, UAE private school teacher salary

Salaries for a classroom teacher at an international fee paying school in Abu Dhabi, UAE start around 9,500 up to 18.000 AED per month tax free depending on qualifications and experience. In addition a salary package is payable including, gratuity, one return fight, health insurance and free accommodation.


Set up of an international school

Each school is split into different age groups from nursery, primary and secondary sections. Teaching and education jobs cater for children from a mixed background of nationalities.

Although each school is fee paying, they choose a certain curriculum they teach from USA, England, Australian or indeed an India.

School age levels in kindergarten, elementary and high school from teacher Year/grade 1 to 13.


Qualifications for UAE classroom teachers

Teachers require appropriate qualifications to teach, and depending on the position you apply for will ascertain the level of qualification required.

To teach 3 to 18 years old’s at a school you must have a degree in that subject and qualified to teach at that age level.  This is a requirement of meeting work permit regulations in the UAE.


In addition, the following is common for international schools jobs positions:

  • Police clearance from Scotland or a DBA Check England & Wales certificate or a background check from your home country. Must also be certified and apostatised.  When you receive your police clearance certificate send it back and ask them to stamp and sign it, as this is required for legalisation process at the UAE embassy or immigration
  • You must have all qualifications certified, apostatized and legalized to obtain a working visa and residency. Some employers will advertise this with people that have qualifications ready, takes time and money to arrange.  You pay for the documents yourself
  • Native English speaker applying for positions delivered in English. This is another requirement that many international schools ask and to obtain a UAE work permit
  • 2+ years experience teaching at that level
  • Full medical check
  • Good references


No older than 65, this is the maximum age the UAE will issue a working residency permit.


Securing a work permit before relocating abroad, you require to submit appropriate documents and undergo a full medical in the UK also. Medical check, work & residency permit to live/work in the UAE.

Teaching contracts from 1 to 3 years that you sign in Arabic, as this is the only legal contract.

Your employer will inform you of the documents they require and request you to bring.  Just remember, when you inform an employer the date you can start, some documents such as the police clearance takes time to process. Apply for the right criminal record check.

When you arrive in the UAE to teach you can arrange certain documents to be processed at your embassy.  Much easier and better to have your documents required ready before flying out.


Teaching in Abu Dhabi public schools jobs

Abu Dhabi government schools for the coming years are actively employing experienced and qualified primary and secondary teachers as well as management to work in state public schools.

Education in the UAE is developing and schools are implementing innovative plans, educational policies, running various programmes aiming to enhance education for school children. There is a 10 year initiative plan currently in place from the education department where good western trained teachers are helping with change.


Teaching in United Arab Emirates salary & benefits at public schools

Public school basic salaries in Abu Dhabi and UAE start at around 12,300 up to 20,400 AED per month.  So, what will I get you ask?  All depends on the number of years teaching experience you have and you can get extra each month for a master’s or doctorate degree holder.

  • Do I pay tax and is there any deductions? No
  • Do I get a pay rise after one year of a two-year contract? Most likely not. The contract you sign will clearly state the benefits and salary for the duration
  • Is holiday pay included?  Yes


A typical public school teacher salary package includes:

  • Salary start at around 12,300 up to 20,400 AED per month
  • Monthly salary payment into a local bank of your choice
  • One return flight home per year, plus dependent children (Up to 3)
  • Furnished apartment or villa depending on your position. Not shared
  • Full medical coverage card for the UAE
  • 3 year contract working for a top Abu Dhabi employer
  • 5 day working week with Friday and Saturday off
  • Initial flight to the UAE, visa and medical process while in the country paid


Abu Dhabi/UAE salary and benefits for teachers in public schools are one of the most generous for a school teacher in the region.

Yes, you pay out of your own pocket for all document and medical tests in your own country.


Teaching contract

As a qualified teacher, they wish to make you feel welcome as a teacher in Abu Dhabi. They ask you to sign a 3 year full-time teaching contract and in return, they provide a good selection of benefits as part of your salary package. Contracts can be renewed by mutual consent.

1961 is the cut off date of how old a teacher should be for government school teaching positions. This is stated as one of the requirements for prospective teachers in public school on the Abu Dhabi Education Council website.  (See also for a list of vacant job positions)  (For reference only)


Teacher requirements for public school jobs

  • Bachelor degree or above in the subject you will teach (Must match the subject, eg; Degree in English to teach English)
  • Native English language speaker ability
  • 2 good good teaching references
  • Medical clearance document check
  • 2 + years teaching experience at the age level proposing to teach
  • Qualified/certified teacher status for the age range from your home country
  • A citizen of either Australia, Canada, South Africa, UK, USA. Ireland or New Zealand
  • No evidence of a criminal background

This is also the requirements for work + residency permit for UAE teaching jobs.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu-Dhabi. Source Visit Abu Dhabi

Teaching in UAE opportunities


Public Schools in Abu Dhabi

Teaching in private/public schools in Abu Dhabi or surrounding areas is possible for foreign qualified teachers where they are recruited to teach core subjects of English, Sciences and Mathematics each year.

Two government school employers:

  1. Abu Dhabi schools  (In the emirate area)
  2. United Arab Emirates Government Schools (Employed in a public school in UAE)

Accepting a teacher’s job you would be in the UAE teaching local Emirati school children mainly in a nursery, primary or secondary school.  The organisation who would employ you: UAE government for their schools in the region or education department in Abu Dhabi or for the United Arab Emirates.

School locations are spread around Abu Dhabi areas, which makes up around 60% of the UAE emirate.  As a teacher you would be placed in a school of their choosing although new teachers generally will see other western teachers in the same school.

In 2018, there are 296+ schools where you could be placed as a teacher from a city, local town or a smaller rural school teaching local Emirati children.

The larger Abu Dhabi City, to Al Ain or a school in Al Gharbia. is where you could be placed.


School age level

Nursery:    Teach basic science, maths and English with a local Arabic speaking teacher

Cycle 1   Primary:  Maths, science and English lessons

Cycle 2   Secondary: Teaching your specialist subject of English, math or science

Cycle 3    Secondary:   English specialist subject teacher


Think to yourself, do I have any issues with classroom management, getting on with others or do my examination results show low grades?  Do yourself a favour and do not apply for a state school teacher job in UAE.



International schools provide single or shared accommodation, with state schools providing single accommodation. Your employer also could pay an apartment allowance if asked for, although is generally not adequate to cover rental costs in any part of the emirate.



The UAE can be expensive with villas attracting some of the highest rents per month.  Finding and paying for an apartment yourself could set you back in excess of 8000+ AED per months rental for one bedroom apartment.


United Arab Emirates facts

Population: 3.4 million

Area size: 83,600 SQ km

UAE Currency: Dirham

Arabic is the main language

+ 3 GMT winter time and summer is +2

Dialing code for international callers: +971

October to May climate is hot & sunny. Rest of the year is hot in the day and not much rain


Useful Numbers & City Codes

Abu Dhabi: 2, Ajman: 6, Al Ain: 3, Aweer: 58, Dhayd: 6, Dibba: 9, Dubai: 4, Tarif: 88

Police: 999, Ambulance: 998/999, Fire: 997, Electricity and Water: 991
General Information: 101, Telephone Directory: 180 or 181, Emergency (Abu Dhabi): 344 663, Municipality Emergency Number: Abu Dhabi: 02 777 929 – Dubai: 04 2232323


Health Care

Private medical facilities are of a very high quality but can be expensive.  Your employer should provide a medical card for free medical care should it be required.



So where can I find a list of jobs available?

Should you decide on one of the teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates is for you, then the first place to look is on job boards from the Middle East, UK, USA, Canada and Australia.  You will see a good number of international schools, teaching vacancies in UAE.

This website has jobs at times

Recruitment agency websites.

Another obvious place is on school websites in the UAE advertising for certain subject teachers.


Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Teaching Jobs in Thailand - Teaching in Thailand SchoolsJet away to a tropical climate teaching in Thailand long term or a contract for 2 years. Teaching jobs in Thailand international schools or state public school are at all levels from elementary and high schools.  You can also experience the country for 12 months while teaching English in Thailand at one of the government 2nd tier schools. (more…)

Teaching in Taiwan

Before you think about teaching in Taiwan as a classroom teacher of children in state elementary & high schools, you must have trained teacher status for the primary or secondary school level in your own country k12 level. Government public schools, and for teaching jobs in Taiwan international schools look at experience teaching at that certain age range, especially for teaching younger children, such as kindergarten. (more…)

Teaching in Spain

Teaching in Spain - Teaching Jobs in SpainSpain as an old developed country in the European Union is a popular for teaching in Spain at a public government or international school.

As a country, teachers relocate to cities, towns and rural areas to take up teaching jobs in Spain international schools in their specialist subject such as history, mathematics or music.

Teach English in Spain at a Spanish fee paying private school if you are a native English speaker. (more…)

Teaching Jobs Scotland

Teaching jobs in Scotland, Salary, Primary, Secondary EducationOpportunities exist for teaching in Scotland to school age children from the islands, highlands and central areas. Management & classroom school teaching jobs Scotland vacancies are offered full and part time.

See below how to become a teacher, salary, education jobs Scotland, with nursery, primary & secondary school teaching jobs Edinburgh, Aberdeen to Glasgow in state schools. (more…)

Teaching in Saudi Arabia

Teaching in Saudi Arabia - Teaching Jobs in Saudi ArabiaOne of the more populated countries in the region where education and learning is important, opportunities for teaching in Saudi Arabia international schools is open for many nationalities. You will notice that teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia male & female job positions to teach in KSA major cities Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam and towns are advertised.

Teachers from nursery, primary and secondary school age are employed to teach English in Saudi Arabia to children from 2 to 18 years old learners as well as school age specialist subjects including physics, P.E and mathematics. (more…)

Teaching in Russia

Teaching in Russia, Teaching Jobs in RussiaAs a large country you could find a job teaching English in Russia state, language or international schools. Employers are looking for teachers that have an English language teaching certificate and with classroom experience with learners.

International schools offer teaching jobs in Russia in a teachers’s specialist subject, for example chemistry, physical education or history.

Teaching in Russia, you require work and residence permits as a legal requirement. As a qualified teacher you can get sponsored from an employer and ultimately obtain permission to legally become a subject teacher at an international school fairly easily. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Qatar

Teaching Jobs in Qatar - Teaching in Qatar International SchoolsSchool teaching jobs in Qatar international and independent school education are offered to educate Qatari & foreign children. Teaching in Qatar International private fee paying schools offer a wide selection of subject specialist education jobs, where the vast majority of western teachers are employed..

Kindergarten, primary/elementary and high school jobs in Qatar from classroom teacher to management positions can be obtained with appropriate experience and qualifications. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Oman

Teaching Jobs in Oman - Teaching in OmanLocation for independent and language schools, offering teaching jobs in Oman international schools to qualified teachers. Nursery, primary and high school teachers benefit from Oman’s rich cultural, social, activities, and by posts for school teacher opportunities in Oman to further their social, teaching & academic career. Teach English in Oman or your specialist subject to school children. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia Schools - Teaching in MalaysiaWestern trained teachers and educators from other regions can experience teaching in Malaysia government & private international schools providing you with an opportunity to live in the country. Teaching jobs in Malaysia international help teachers to secure work and residency permits. You should be a suitably qualified teacher and obtain the correct paperwork to work and reside legally in the country.

With a tropical climate and sunshine most of the year the islands of Malaysia attracts visitors to top class beaches, city living and rural treks in the countryside. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Kuwait

Teaching Jobs in Kuwait - Teaching in Kuwait International SchoolsThe countries education system continues to attract new and experienced educators. Teaching in Kuwait you can build a career as a classroom teacher to leadership positions. Teaching jobs in Kuwait are advertised for international school educators who teach children between 3-18 years.

Education is devolved and offers school places at nursery/kindergarten through to university. As a teacher you will find yourself teaching a class of students from many countries, as well as local Kuwaiti children. (more…)

Teaching in Egypt

Teaching in Egypt - Teaching Jobs in EgyptQualified teachers from countries around the world are in demand. Teaching jobs in Egypt include early years/kindergarten, elementary/primary and secondary/high school level at internationals schools.  Teaching in Egypt is open for you to teach a specialist subject or English to local children and to pupils from around the world. (more…)

Teaching in Dubai

Teaching in Dubai Schools - Teaching Jobs in Dubai SalaryDubai is a popular destination for tourists, sports fans and teaching in Dubai schools and universities.  Situated in the gulf, United Arab Emirates (UAE) the city is a well developed cosmopolitan fairly large area with good public transport, although you can drive with the correct local driving licence. Education and teaching jobs in Dubai international schools are available and offered to teachers from nursery, primary and secondary school with the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience. (more…)

Teaching in Canada

Teaching in CanadaA country actively seeking new people, teaching in Canada could offer you a chance to settle in a new country with the vast amount of opportunities the country has to offer. Choosing teaching jobs in Canada at school provides similarities to other western countries, although may not be for everyone. Work visa and permission eligibility to stay permanently are granted fairly easily to teachers through a points system depending on factors including, age, qualifications, language and of teacher job offer in Canada. (more…)

Teaching in Australia

Teaching in Australia, School Teaching Jobs in Australia SalaryA country with 8 state territories teaching in Australia schools provides a choice of 1,000’s of schools to choice from. Vast majority of students attend state school, although there are fee paying independent and international schools around Australia.

From nursery, primary, secondary high schools competent qualified teachers from the UK have a good chance finding and securing teaching jobs in Australia. Check this evidence out where one in every 17 teachers in Australian schools are qualified in the UK. (more…)

Teaching English in Brazil

Teaching English in Brazil -Teaching Jobs in BrazilBrazil is large country located in the southern part of South America. In recent years, the country has become more developed and continues to be popular for teaching English in Brazil to school children.

There are teaching jobs in Brazil for qualified teachers and other educators in state and private schools. (more…)

Teach in the UK

Teach in the Uk, Teaching Jobs in the UKDid you know there are more than 26,000 primary and secondary schools to teach in the UK from islands, rural areas, villages, towns and cites.  Majority of teaching jobs UK advertised are with government state funded schools where children compulsory attend free up to 16 years old. There are management and classroom jobs in all subject areas for local and foreign teachers.

All lessons are taught in English except for languages and a select few primary and secondary schools deliver lessons in their respective national languages. Teaching UK pupils in Gaelic in Wales and Scotland require native Gaelic language speaking skills. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in China

Teaching Jobs in China - Teach English in China - Teach in ChinaA vast country offering you the opportunity to teach in China with a population over 1 billion. The country provides many thousands of Esl English language and subject teaching jobs in China from major cities of ShanghaiChengdu, (Giant panda city) Beijing to smaller cities and towns in provincial China.  Chinese people like to learn, also know the benefit of a good education that will help personally and for future career prospects.

China schools cover the entire age range from 2-18 years in public and fee paying international schools. Teachers can opt to teach English in China from nursery, primary, middle and high school, this is your main sources of teacher jobs in the country other than being a subject specialist, for example an economics or music educator. (more…)

Teach in the Middle East

Teach in the Middle EastTeachers can find opportunities to teach in the Middle East from education jobs with the government or teaching jobs at schools. Forming part of the Asia continent, the Middle East has their own countries with distinct culture and beliefs.

Some of the countries that are located in the area include: Jordan, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Lebanon,. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.  The climate is hot and humid in the spring/summer months, although becomes cooler during winter. (more…)

Teach in Europe

Teach in Europe - Teaching Jobs in EuropeWith a diverse mix of mainly western cultures European countries have well developed education systems to teach in Europe.  Become a teacher at an international or public school in Paris, Athens, Dublin or Helsinki. Independent and boarding schools accommodate fee paying students that attend private sector learning providers for all age students. Teaching jobs in Europe in all sectors can be found all year round.

Countries for teaching in Europe can be in the European Union from Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany or Italy to other countries like Switzerland, Ukraine, Norway and Russia. More jobs can be obtained in Spain and especially the UK where 1000’s of lecturing and school English teaching jobs are advertised at anyone time. (more…)

Teach in South America

Teach in South AmericaTropical climate covering a vast continent educators are able to relocate to teach in South America at an international school.  You can also join one of the arranged volunteer or cultural and language programs run by a number of different companies. English Teaching jobs in South America can be obtained from Brazil, Chile, Argentina and other countries.

From Uruguay to Venezuela the South American continent has a population around 386 million people. Languages spoken in the 12 separate nations include: Portuguese in Brazil, Spanish, Quechua, Aymara in Bolivia, Dutch in Suriname and English in Guyana.  Larger land mass countries are Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru. (more…)

Teach in North America

Three countries of Mexico, Canada and United States of America (USA) provide educators positions to teach in North America.  Two of the most well developed and advanced education systems Canada and USA attract students to the 100’s of universities and fee paying school in their respective countries.  This where you come in! You would be providing learning to pupils in kindergarten, and from grade K-12, community college and universities depending on your experience and teaching qualification. (more…)

Teach in Australasia

Teach in AustralasiaAs an area, Australasia is seen as an oceanic continent where countries are spread out across vast oceans. Teach in Australasia at one of the international school in New Zealand or Australia or at the many state schools.

Australia and New Zealand attracts many people from around the world looking to settle in the country or teach for a few years at one of the good universities in the region.  Lecturers and teachers looking to Teach region can obtain a relevant working visa, and of course you require to be appropriately qualified to teach at that age of school or university student. (more…)

Teach in Asia

Discover life teach in AsiaDiscover for yourself the Asian continent by looking to teach in Asia for a number of years or short 6 months contract. Contrasting in nature, environment, climate and culture teachers in Asia have a wealth of choices during evening and weekend leisure time.

Visit a bustling market in Taiwan and eat an evening meal at a street market with the locals or take a boat ride across the Hong Kong bay to Macau or to Happy Valley Racecourse.

Countries on the Asian continent include Mongolia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, India and many more.  Why not teach for a year or two in one country and experience teaching in another country in Asia. (more…)

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