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Guest Post for School Teaching & Education Abroad

Are you looking for a website that offers you to add/submit and contribute a school/teaching guest post ?

As a competent writer, you can add teaching & education guest article posts to the resources of this website, instead of me writing everything with just my view point.


Guest Post for School Teaching & Education Abroad
Source: dundee.ac.uk


Guest post submission contribution                (Page updated 23rd December 2016)


“First send a request from your education related website email address. Yes, where you actualy work or own”

Example: I would send a request from educationtay.com


Good idea to email first to ok links you wish to be added.  You can also email in advance topic suggestions or email a completed article for consideration.


Website aim and audience?

Aiming to create an education website that has a range of resources for education, school teaching abroad and in the UK. Factual information, technology or guidance on teaching, and a place to find a job in education.


What can I Contribute for k12 school articles?

Lessons related

Curriculum for school

Teaching at school

Teaching abroad country guidance

Technology in education

Education or teaching strategy

Own experiences are good

Find, secure a job teaching

Interviews including own experience



Recent added guest posting

What technology can change the world of education   Take a look for yourself  from United States  Nov 2016.


Check first to see if a similar resource is not already on the website. (Don’t bother if you see one) such as student loans or tutor.  Examples: Have a look through the website to see what is already uploaded.


What do you get out of it?

A contributed by (Name/Organisation) and one link (Website name, meaning no rich anchor text) can be added to a bio, plus a couple of social profiles like Google+ or Twitter.  All websites must be well established according to Google.   No new or recently established sites.

Editorial guidelines: Not all websites will be linked out as your website requires being search engine friendly and relevant to teaching and education, according to my opinion and Google for a live link. I will not just link to any website.

Live links to government websites or similar will be accepted. Adding a guest post on this website is not a job/contract offer and no financial or benefits in kind are offered or will be given. No spare money anyway!

Of course, you give full unconditional permission to Education Tay to use the resource and it is yours to contribute and not copied from somewhere.


How to submit a guest post

Email written content in Word format no exceptions.  NO DOCX, office other as I have no means to extract the data correctly.

Email to    info at educationtay.com    Send pictures to be upload.

Any issues just ask.


“Be one of the people that reads the instructions”


Only looking for guest article posts that provide at least some of the following:


  • Good standard of English and grammar at native English speaker/writer level
  • Expertise in the subject, for example writing about teaching means you are/was a qualified teacher or lecturer. That will form part of your bio on this website and other references on the internet.
  • Proper title with no 10, 5, 3 of this or that, or things, or tips
  • Provides useful information, guidance, how to, analysis, discussion, critical review and other with referencing and authoritative links
  • No rich anchor text links
  • Your own created content or permission to use with reference sources
  • Uniquely written content that has been typed out.  No spun content
  • Add to the discussion on education, not rehashed very similar web content
  • Goes into the topic at length, introduction, explanation, what, why, main body, facts references and conclusion
  • Word count: 800 + words, maybe with pictures or something else. Not looking for rambling on or waffle
  • You should not have a prolific blogging trail


All and any links I add to this website must be topically focused. Eh?  The website I link to must be teaching and education related or to social profiles. Examples: Teaching, teach/jobs, subject website, math, English, A school, education recruiter. Your entire website content should match the topical content of this website.


No bloggers writing or submitting content for a client/friend or someonelse

This includes any links, content or association with a person or company. Is that your website the links point to or a paid/unpaid client/friend/associate?  Relevant authoritative links are no problem, as long as you have no association.


Easy going person, although the guidelines written in an abrupt way empathises writing, contributing and hosting guests posts in 2016 and beyond.


Further guidelines to submit posts?

  • In English language only
  • Not posted anywhere on-line or other location, and will no be
  • No blatant promotional content
  • Highly relevant links only in the text body as evidence or to re-enforce the article such as references
  • Pictures in jpeg, png I can use in WordPress
  • Education Tay has exclusive rights to the material


Sales talk or promotion, unethical or labile material will never be accepted. For example, we are number 1, or we are the leading company in the world (Measured by and who’s evidence).