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Education UK, School, College and University Study

Education UK School College and University StudyWithin the United Kingdom education UK, is widely diverse for age groups, subjects, providers and curriculum studied from the public and private education learning sector. Education has a number of age levels from compulsory and optional attendance.


Criminal Records Check for Education & Teaching

Consideration for education & teaching positions will involve a criminal records check UK or with your countries police department, where the employer asks permission to conduct a criminal record background check on your past. You can also apply yourself for a police clearance check.

As a mandatory requirement for other countries teaching abroad, all teachers, lectures, classroom assistants and support staff the criminal background check reassure all parties that you are an appropriate person.


Below are UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Philippines, New Zealand, Ireland and USA information on where to apply for police clearance documentation on your background.

Includes Acro Police checks for UK residents for certain countries teaching abroad.


Apply for the correct police check for the country you wish to teach, work visa and resident permit.



Master in Business Administration & Management Degree

Master in Business Administration- Master in Management Studies DegreeLeader’s and senior managers could benefit from a recognised master in business administration (MBA) or master management studies degree where they receive advanced grounding in management theory.

Managers with years of experience and in the possession of a master’s in management  or MBA could be a valuable asset for an organisation or indeed working for themselves.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate business qualification that is well known and asked for by employers around the world.

Similar subjects are studied to Master in Management Studies at many colleges & universities, although an MBA is designed to offer students an academic grounding in business terminology and thinking.


How to Become a Nurse UK

How to Become a Nurse UK - University Nursing Training Courses
University of Stirling Student Nurse (Source)

A nurse can work in public or private GP practice, hospitals, retirement homes and other places. How to become a nurse UK so you can work in any place where there are people from schools, college, university, occupational health services, hospices and the pharmaceutical industry sector is listed below.

Nurses work individually and as part of larger teams to help people to get well, provide advice and conduct health checks. There are many job roles of a trained nurse and many opportunities for career advancement.


Trained nurses have good career prospects with well defined professional advancement opportunities in the UK to become a nurse leader or practitioner.  Nurses are a care providers, supportive to carers, doctors and to the medical profession as a whole.