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Teaching Children with Special Needs

Want to know more on how to organize education for children with disabilities the most effectively?


Classroom Ideas

Special Education is a particular area of education which requires using unique teaching materials, methods, equipment, and educational aids to comply with the needs of children with developmental disabilities. Remedial instruction is aimed at improving a skill/ ability in every student. Thus, by applying different tutoring techniques, such as a recurrent practice and explanation, educational material repeating, and devoting more time to developing particular skills, teachers guide every child through the special educational process. (more…)

What Technology Can Change The World of Education?

Technology has been evolving over the years. Gadgets have evolved from large, simple ones to smaller and more complex ones. Technology has greatly impacted all aspects of life. The education sector has not been left behind.

Technology has ushered essential changes that have brought significant changes in the world of education. The most common resources in school have been books, notepads, pens, and chalks among others. However, with advancement in technology, students in some learning institutions nowadays have mostly done away with these traditional resources and have embraced smartphones, laptops and tablets among others as learning materials. Digital learning has also been adopted in many learning institutions, especially universities.


7 Edtech Trends and how they will change learning in 2017

There is a growing need for educators to embrace technology for learning and teaching. Education technology is not about technology, nor the teachers, but about the students and how this technology will aid in their learning process.

With the advent of online media, the role of educational technology in teaching has become ever more important. Here is a glimpse into what the next 12 months will hold. From professional development to digital learning, and from communication to virtual reality, here’s a list of 7 EdTech trends to watch out for 2017:


Virtual Learning: The Future Is Coming


Virtual Learning: The Future Is Coming

Never before have there been such drastic changes in how we learn as a species. The widespread use of virtual learning environments (VLEs) is an indication of their validity. Educational technology is evolving so fast that VLEs have become standard issue. The majority of issues that arose in the beginning were due to teachers not being digital natives – but over the next decade, digital literacy is set to skyrocket.


Three Career Options Where You Can Benefit From an MBA

Three Career Options You Can Benefit With an MBAThe purpose of getting an MBA is to get ahead of other job applicants for getting your first job and to make rapid progress thereafter, and widening your MBA career options. Essentially, a management qualification ensures that you get to enjoy a more lucrative and challenging career compared to other people who do not have such qualifications.

However, with a wide assortment of university business schools to choose from in the UK, India, USA and around the world and thereafter a wider selection of career, it becomes very important to get a fix on the careers that will give you the maximum return on investment. Some career options that give you an edge if you have achieved an accredited MBA degree.


Tips To Pass Your Courses With Flying Colors In College

Tips To Pass Courses With Flying Colors In College

Even if you have always been a star student during your school days, college life has its own sets of challenges to encounter and can be quite an intimidating task. Often students who reach this stage either get overconfident and complacent of their success or they adopt a careless attitude, not caring about their grade which ultimately affects their transcripts which then leaves them with no option but to regret. So if you want your college years to be as productive and fruitful as possible you should work relentlessly towards your goal and do not waver in your purpose.

Here are some surefire proven tricks to help you graduate with decent grades and make the best of your college years.


Teaching Is a Tough Job to Gain Respect and Good Student Grades

Teaching Is a Tough Job to Gain Respect and Good Student Grades
(Source DFE)

No one would dare and to name or say teaching is a tough job. But this is just a misconception. Teaching is actually very difficult. When we talk about the toughest jobs of the world, we think of jobs that are physically strenuous, tiring and hazardous, such as that of a mining engineer or fighter pilots.

Making others understand what you already know and shaping their future is a job of the highest responsibility and difficulty. After all there would be no fighter pilots or mining engineers if there was no one to teach them. This post talks about the various aspects of a teaching job.


Tips to Manage Time While Balancing Work and School

In United States, work and study is fast becoming a phenomenon. People choose to combine work with university or college study or work part time in a job.  One of the reasons could be to reduce the reliance on student borrowing for course study, such as an MBA or save for studying abroad on an advance degree course.  A manage time survey in 2013, a Citigroup and Seventeen magazine conducted survey revealed that 80% of US students combine work and school, with the average work hours being 19 a week.

Here’s 5 effective tips to ensure that you can perform an excellent balancing act: