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About Education Tay

Education Tay started December 2009 with information on the education sector. Today visitors search for teacher jobs abroad & UK school teaching & education jobs, language school positions including information to secure a job in teaching.

Centre of operations is a laptop at home in Bankfoot. Scotland

Company registration: Education Tay Limited, 3 Cross Street, Bankfoot. Perthshire. Scotland. UK. PH14BG.  SC386825



The goal is to promote teaching, teacher training and education in schools. Additionally advertise education & teaching jobs for 2 + years to sixth form educators, language centres with the desire to search listed school education jobs vacancies. Education Tay does this by providing in-depth information on teaching , moving, job & visa requirements, qualifications and salaries for teaching jobs Scotland for example.


All with no financial budget.


Who runs the site?
About Education Tay

Personally owned and operated by Raymond Blanchett, Scottish born & bred where I attended primary, secondary school & Perth College Scotland before a working gap. Headed south for my first university degree eventually spending 7 years studying at higher education level in Scotland and England. Qualifications held include: Master Management Studies, BA Hons Business & Economics, teacher training Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) . Additionally crossed the other side of the desk teaching for 6 years as a secondary school teacher and briefly as a lecturer in England & Kuwait for my previous sins.


School and recruiters job listing

A global race for good qualified teachers continues to intensify as countries enhance educational learning at all stages!  Recruitment of teachers in school is costly as well as time consuming for primary education, nursery and secondary jobs.

Free standard listing is offered at present for schools & recruitment agents to post available teacher and teaching assistant jobs for independent & state schools, international schools as well as language schools.


Teacher’s guides

Educators visiting Education Tay gain assistance in finding up to date accurate information on teacher training, what is required and how to apply for a teaching job.  You will also find available education & teaching jobs and connect with schools via social media.


Not offered on this site: Recruitment service, find us teachers or students



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