School Education Approach to Leadership Chapter One

Chapter One

Organisational Context

The …….. school, …… is an independent international school that delivers a British educational curriculum while combining compulsory subjects of ………. During an interview with the principal it was mentioned that one of the school aims is to combine traditional and moral values of Qatar and a holistic education for all students. kindergarten to year 13 the school caters for approximately 926 students that follow both compulsory academic subjects and options, sports education, religious & moral values and extra curricular activities.

As a fee paying international school with more than 50 different student nationalities attending on a daily basis the multi cultural background make up of the student body is diverse. The medium of teaching instruction is English except for Arabic related subjects, such as Islamic studies. With so many students attending the school with English as a second or third language this poses a challenge for teachers and students in relation to effective communication. For the current 98 teachers to provide effective learning and for students to first understand instructions and learn, a range of teaching strategies require to be used effectively.

A focus of the school recruitment policy is to employ British qualified teachers with at least 6 years experience for the British curriculum subjects, while combining Arabic teachers to deliver Arabic related subjects supported by a range of teaching assistants and supporting staff members. The student admissions selection process is comprehensive with testing such as English, mathematics, Arabic, comprehension and a formal interview is also conducted to select only students with above average academic ability. In addition, the ……. School, at present does not admit students with educational disabilities, such as learning disabilities. School facilities such as a swimming pool, playing fields and hard courts, pastoral care, nurse, guidance and other support services are comprehensive to facilitate the operation of the school and enhance student learning. External speakers, field trips and competitions build upon the education that is delivered by teachers at the school.

Part of the research was to investigate leadership attributes of the principal at the ………s chool, and the leadership model adopted. A clear vision is key to any successful school while combining effective communication and practices. The principal of the ……… school claimed through an interview (Appendices 1: Interview questions) that he is inspirational, caring and committed with a clear vision for the school to effectively implement the procedures that are required for quality teaching, learning & development of students and teachers. Both the head of secondary and head of primary also claimed during an interview that they and the principal are professional, inspirational leaders with a range of attributes that senior managers should have in their professional roles.

Leadership is a mix of skills, abilities and experience which a school leader has to offer which helps provide ideas and leading edge leadership to all stakeholders. Definition of “leadership style” provided as a broad view: A Dictionary of Business and Management (2006) (cited, 9th November 2009). Available from:

“The traits, behavioural tendencies, and characteristics methods of a person in a leadership position. An important dimension of leadership style is the extent to which the leader is willing to delegate responsibility and encourage input from followers; some key styles here are those of the authoritarian leader, democratic leader, and laissez-faire leader”.

A research report conducted by Leithwood et al., (2006) for the National College of School leadership (NCSL) looked at issues relating to effective leadership of English schools where a large proportion of students were from an ethnic minority background. One of the report conclusions from (Leithwood et al., 2006; cited NCSL, 2006, p.3) states that “Those in leadership roles have a tremendous responsibility to get it right” and outlines successful school leadership following research into leadership in schools. The report authors in a review of literature of school leadership study summarise with what they call “strong claims” about school leadership, including school leadership which is seen as very important to improving teaching, and the personal traits of a leader of a school.

Leithwood et al., (2006) claims to successful school leadership relate to the challenges the principal of the Cambridge School faces. The principal claimed that some of his personal traits as a professional and the leader of the school go a long way to providing an effective school for learning. Leithwood et al., (2006) claims to successful leadership in schools is a narrow view of a large empirical report and only provide a small insight in the way school leaders operate their schools effectively.

(PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 2007, p.8) explains “There is a clear sense amongst school leaders that their role has become more challenging, and that the complexity and range of tasks they are required to undertake has increased greatly in recent years”. A key finding of the research into the role of a school leader complements and backs up Leithwood, (2006) findings where PricewaterhouseCoopper LLP (2007) report findings into school leader’s roles, responsibilities and attributes for developing & managing people, teaching and learning are some of the challenges of a school leader that the principal of the ……… school must deal with each day.

The …….. school recognises the importance to build up the potential for school development with the help of distributing leadership to senior and middle management throughout the school to highly experienced teachers. Management at the ………. school is devolved to senior management consisting of the head of secondary/curriculum leader, head of primary/kindergarden, and middle managers that act as curriculum area leaders responsible for teacher leadership and other effective management tasks that influence student and teacher learning & development. Harris (2003) explains that continued and sustainable improvements in schools depends on leadership experience and capabilities of a number of teachers and support staff, and teaching is more successful when leadership is instructionally focused and situated close to the classroom.

Head’s of primary & secondary schools along with the curriculum area leaders are responsible for learning and development of teachers and students in their age range and subject areas of responsibility. As there is distributed leadership the research additionally proposes to investigate how effective distributed leadership at the school is to guide, support and lead teachers to effectively transfer knowledge to students enabling good student grades.

The Supreme Educational Council in Qatar is responsible for all educational standards in schools, colleges and universities and is presently implementing radical changes to greatly improve educational standards in Qatar. Schools such as the ……… school require a comprehensive management structure in place with full documentation detailing development plans for teacher training, student learning and a strategy to help deliver effective learning according to their educational operating licence issued. Teachers and management do not require at present to be formally trained teachers in the international school sector, although all state schools in Qatar require management and teachers to be registered and qualify over a 3 year period, which came into affect in March 2009. Teacher and management qualifications may become a requirement for all international schools, including the Cambridge School according to the principal (April 2009).

With the Supreme Education Council implementing a new education era in Qatar, it is evident that a number of mandatory changes are being implemented throughout all schools in the country when required. At present it is not apparent if school teacher and management licensing affects international schools and teachers that are qualified in their home countries, which could have a negative effect on recruitment and retention and teacher commitments.

Finally, with the ………. school stating they provide an education that develops the whole student in an academic, cultural, physical and moral way, what evidence is there to support this for the vast majority of students? Resources are in place for extra curricular activities for sports, clubs and external visits; although it would appear from initial research that a proportion of the student body is not able to access these development opportunities for more than one reason. An example of little access to extra curricular activities is that the school finishes at 1pm each day and on Sunday and Tuesday each week student’s have a range of opportunities to participate in a club of their choice that is run at the school. Although club activities are provided a little over 50% of the students travel to the school and home each day by the school bus provided that leaves at 1.10pm, not leaving any opportunity for the school students that travel by bus to participate in extra curricular activates at the school.

Leadership, learning and development for students and teachers at the Cambridge School appear to be distributed and the school leadership team stated that they promote inspirational learning, professionalism and leadership in their respective educational areas. British qualified teachers are employed and have the responsibility to deliver British curriculum subjects to help with effectively teaching multi ethnic students that arrive at the school each day. With more than 50 different student nationalities with English as a second or third language attending the school a question is how effective is the teaching and training of teachers to effectively provide quality learning to students.

Written by: Education Tay

Ray Blanchett

List of Taiwan Universities

Taiwan Universities list for part time and full time study.

Central Police University

Chang Gung University

Chang Jung Christian University

Chao Yang University of Science and Technology

Cheng Kung University

Chinese Culture University

Chinese Culture University

Chung Hua University

Chung Yuan Christian University

Da Yeh University

Feng Chia University

Fu Jen Catholic University

Huafan University

I-Shou University

Kainan University

Kaohsuing Open University

Ming Chuang University

National Central University

National Changhua University of Education

National Chengchi University

National Chi Nan University

National Chiao Tung University

National Chung Cheng University

National Chung Hsing University

National Chung Hsing University

National Dong Hwa University

National Kaohsiung Normal University

National Open University

National Sun-Yat Sen University

National Taiwan Normal University

National Taiwan Ocean University

National Taiwan University

National Tsinghua University

National Yang Ming University


Providence University

Shih Chien University

Shih Hsin University

Soochow University

amkang University

Tunghai University

Yuan-ze University

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Universities South Africa List

Following universities South Africa list shows mainly all university choices for the country.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

North-West University

Rand Afrikaans University

Rhodes University

University of Cape Town

University of Fort Hare

University of Johannesburg

University of KwaZulu-Natal

University of Limpopo

University of Pretoria

University of South Africa

University of Stellenbosch

University of the Free State

University of the Witwatersrand

University of Western Cape

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University in Colombia

List of universities to choose from in Columbia.

Corporación Universitaria Remington



Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria

Fundación Universidad Central

Fundación Universitaria Luis Amigó

Politécnico Grancolombiano

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


Universidad Antonio Narino

Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga

Universidad Autónoma de Manizales

Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana

Universidad Católica de Manizales

Universidad Católica de Oriente

Universidad Catolica Popular del Risaralda

Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia

Universidad de América

Universidad de Antioquia

Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Universidad de La Sabana

Universidad de La Salle

Universidad de Los Andes

Universidad de Manizales

Universidad de Medellín

Universidad de Nariño

Universidad de Pamplona

Universidad de San Buenaventura

Universidad de San Buenaventura

Universidad de San Buenaventura

Universidad de San Buenaventura

Universidad del Cauca

Universidad del Magdalena

Universidad del Norte

Universidad del Rosario

Universidad del Tolima

Universidad del Valle

Universidad Districtal

Universidad Externado de Colombia

Universidad Icesi

Universidad Industrial de Santander

Universidad Javeriana

Universidad Libre

Universidad Los Libertadores

Universidad Militar Nueva Granada

Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Universidad Pedagógica Nacional

Universidad Pontificia

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Universidad Santo Tomás

Universidad Santo Tomás

Universidad Sergio Arboleda

Universidad Surcolombiana

Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira

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Universities in China

Long list of universities in China to study and choose from.


Anhui Normal University

Anhui University of Technology


BeiHang University

Beijing Broadcasting University

Beijing Education and Research Network

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing Forestry University

Beijing Language and Culture University

Beijing Medical University

Beijing Normal University

Beijing Sport University

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Beijing University of Post and Telecommunication

Beijing University of Technology

Capital Normal University

Capital University of Medical Science

China Agricultural University

China Agriculture University-East

China Central Radio and TV University

China University of Geoscience

China University of Political Science and Law

North Jiaotong University

Peking University

Renmin University of China

The Beijing New Asia University

Tsinghua University

University of International Business & Economics

University of International Relations


Fujian Agricultural University

Fujian Medical University

Fujian Teachers University

Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Fuzhou University

Huaqiao University

Jimei University

Xiamen University


Gansu Agricultural University

Gansu University of Technology

Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Lanzhou University

Northwest Normal University


Foshan University

Guangdong University

Guangdong University of Foreign Study

Guangzhou Normal University

Guangzhou University

Huizhou University

Jinan University

Shantou University

Shenzen University

South China Agricultural University

South China Normal University

South China University of Technology

Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Science

Sunyatsen International Medical University

The First Military Medical University

Wuyi University

Zhanjiang Ocean University

Zhaoqing University

Zhonshan University


Guangxi Normal University

Guangxi Teacher’s Education University

Guangxi University

Guangxi University for Nationalities


Guizhou Institute of Technology

Guizhou University


Hainan Normal University

Hainan University


Hebei Normal University

Hebei University

Hebei University of Science and Technology

Northeast University at Qinhuangdao

Shijiazhuang Postal Collage

Yanshan University


Daqing Staff and Workers University

Harbin Medical University

Harbin University

Harbin University of Science and Technology

Heilongjiang University

Northeast Agricultural University

Northeast Forestry University


Henan Agriculture University

Henan Medical University

Henan University

Zheng Zhou University

Zhengzhou Grain University


Central China Normal University

China University of Geosciences

Hubei University

Tongji Medical University

Wuhan Transportation University

Wuhan University

ZhongNan University of Finance and Law


Central South Forestry University

Changsha Railway University

Hu Nan Normal University

Hunan University

Xiang Tan University


China Pharmaceutical University

Hohai University

Nanjing Agricultural University

Nanjing Forestry University

Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Normal University

Nanjing University

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Nantong Teachers University


Soochow University

Southeast University

Wuxi University of Light Industry

Xuzhou Normal University

Yangzhou University


East China JiaoTong University

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

Nanchang University


Chang Chun University

Jilin University

Northeast Normal University

Yanbian University

Yanbian University of Science & Technology


Anshan Normal University

Bohai University

China Medical University

Dalian Maritime University

Dalian Medical University

Dalian University

Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Fushun Petroleum University

Liaoning Technical University

Liaoning University

Liaoning University of Petroleum and Chemical Tech

Northeastern University

Shenyang University

Liaoning Shihua University


Neimenggu (Inner Mongolia)

Inner Mongolia Polytechnic University

Inner Mongolia University


Ningxia University


Qinghai Normal University

Qinghai University


Chang’an University

Fourth Military Medical University

Northwest University

Northwestern Polytechnical University

Shaanxi Normal University

Xi An Jiaotong University

Xi’an Medical University

Xi’an Shiyou University

Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Xidian University


Liaocheng Teachers University

Ocean University of China

Qingdao University

Qufu Normal University

Shandong Agricultural University

Shandong University


University of Jinan

Yantai University



East China Normal University

Fudan University

Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Fisheries University

Shanghai International Studies University

Shanghai Medical University

Shanghai Normal University

Shanghai Second Medical University

Shanghai Television University

Shanghai Textile University

Shanghai University

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


Tie Dao

Tongji University

WIU – China


Shanxi Teachers University

Shanxi University

Shanxi University of Finance and Economics

Sichuan – Chongqing

Chengdu University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chongqing Jianzhu University

Chongqing Jiaotong University

Chongqing Logistics Engineering University

Chongqing University

Chongqing University

Chongqing University of Medical Science

Sichuan Agricultural University

Sichuan Union University

Southwest China Normal University

Southwest Jiaotong University

Southwest University of Finance & Economics

Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Southwestern Agricultural University

The Third Military Medical University

West China Center of Medical Sciences


Civil Aviation University of China

Nankai University

Tianjin Normal University

Tianjin University

Tianjin University of Technology


Xinjiang Institute of Finance and Economy

Xinjiang University


Kunmimg University of Science and Technology

Yunnan Agricultural University

Yunnan Nationalities University

Yunnan Normal University

Yunnan University


Hangzhou University

Hangzhou University of Commerce

Zhejiang Agricultural University

Zhejiang Medical University

Zhejiang Normal University

Zhejiang University

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Executive Summary School Leadership Learning & Development

This research proposal details a time line of activities that include primary & secondary research gathering, interviews, questionnaire and a methodology with other proposed activities outlined. The research project aim and objectives looks at the ……. School, Doha to deliver quality learning & development to students while combining leading edge school leadership.

The research questions investigate the ……, ….. core values on how they are embedded in school life and into the curriculum through primary and secondary research.

Teacher development and how it impacts on student development and learning through primary and secondary research.

Evaluate the school’s leadership model through primary and secondary research.

Conduct primary and secondary research into effective learning towards good examination results.

Outline the framework that describes and critically evaluates implementation and success factors of the school.

An initial literature review was conducted that looks at school leadership, teaching approaches, definitions with benefits and limitations of effective teachers and leadership in schools to deliver good quality teaching.

The conclusion was that school leaders have a number of personal traits, vision, and expertise that are important to the overall effectiveness of a successful school. Leaders distribute responsibilities to departments who translate the vision and provide training and assistance to classroom teachers. Teacher leadership was seen as one of the most important factors in supporting teachers through training to deliver good quality teaching in the classroom to students. However, the vision of the school leader may not be welcomed or indeed followed by all teachers, parents or students, especially in a multi cultural mixed school environment.

The methodology uses a single embedded case study approach with mixed methods of data collection that will be up dated as appropriate literature becomes available throughout the research project.


The …….. school, …… approach to deliver quality leadership, learning, and development is presented through a snap shot research study. Semi-structured interviews were conducted for all teachers and other secondary information internal and external to the organisation was collected.

The schools leadership model was investigated and the findings show that the …….school has a traditional leadership model with an autocratic principal, two other senior leaders and distributed leadership to curriculum area leaders. Almost no teacher development is conducted and the findings show that this has impacted on student learning and teacher development towards delivering good examination results.

Success factors of the school to deliver quality learning and development are effective leadership, quality teaching and embedding the school core values into school life and the curriculum. Problems have arisen with parents and teachers through the principal’s leadership style and traits which has affected recruitment and retention of teachers and retaining students. Recommendations include implementing a school wide training and development programme and the leadership team going on appropriate management training that will help with delivering the success factors of the school.

Written by: Education Tay

Education Tay

Universities in Australia

List of universities in Australia by territory.

Australian Canberra University
Australian National University
University of Canberra

New South Wales Universities

Charles Sturt University

Macquarie University

Southern Cross University

University of New England

University of New South Wales

University of Newcastle

University of Notre Dame Australia

University of Sydney

University of Technology

University of Western Sydney, Penrith South

University of Wollongong


Northern Territory University


Australian Catholic University

Bond University

Central Queensland University

Griffith University

James Cook University

Queensland University of Technology


University of Queensland

University of Southern Queensland

University Of Southern Queensland Online

University of the Sunshine Coast

South Australia

Flinders University

University of Adelaide

University of South Australia


University of Tasmania


Deakin University

La Trobe University

Monash University

RMIT University

Swinburne University of Technology

University of Ballarat

University of Melbourne

Victoria University

Western Australia

Curtin University of Technology

Edith Cowan University

Murdoch University

University of Western Australia

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