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Country Guides

Schools and Universities Teaching Qatar

Qatar public & International schools

Spain has Teaching in Schools and Lanaguage Centre Positions

Spain requirements for teachers

Taiwan Teaching Choice

Taiwan state schools & language centers

Teachers of English in Russia

Russia experience for teachers and lecturers

UAE for Teachers in Schools

United Arab Emirates teaching or lecturing






Experience & Qualifications

Can I teach abroad without a degree? Yes, although you will have less choice and will, in general, receive a salary package that is not as much as someone with a teaching qualification and degree.

Teach English abroad in Saudi Arabia or Spain with a TESOL or TEFL certificate and experience are good example countries. Much better to be qualified and experienced before your move to another country.  Employers are looking for people with good teaching and behavior management skills. There are jobs for people without experience, although not so many as for with experience.

Qualify to Teach

Teacher learning the roleUK guidance on training to teach at school and college levelScotland school teaching, teacher training in England & Wales PGCE, and masters teaching course information. Nursery PGCE postgraduate one-year early year’s teacher training course that leads to becoming qualified. Primary and Secondary 5 to 11 or 11-18 -year-old postgraduate teaching qualification in England for one year in England & Wales. See also General BEd teacher training qualification.